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Motion Pictures and Film Director
Michael Whitton started out as a self-taught musician/songwriter and transitioned to a writer/director for stage then film. He studied theater at UNR, and is a graduate of AADA and LAFS.

His first feature film Exit Strategy earned a theatrical release with AMC, Rave Cinemas and Bow Tie Cinemas. The DVD released via every major retailer including Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, iTunes, Redbox, Netflix, among others.

As the film's producer, production company and distributor will attest to, Michael took the film from development through post and DCP, and even marketing—with a young crew and minimal resources—to deliver, per IMDb's MOVIEmeter™ (June 17th week) the #26 Most Popular Comedy Feature of 2012, the only micro-budget indie film listed among all studio-released product.

Prior to Exit Strategy, Michael wrote and directed Trumped, a short thriller based on his script ''At Gunpoint'', which was shortlisted for the Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting. Film festival accolades include: Best Drama (Ivy), Best Short (FirstGlance Online).

Mr. Whitton lives in Los Angeles, California, where his off-time from directing is spent screenwriting, editing, and graphic designing.
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