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A Raisin Between My Toes
8 Rays And An Old Romance

I Said I Love You In '96
At Gunpoint*
Coming In Dead*

© 1992-1996 Michael Whitton.  All songs
protected by law from unauthorized use.

Music and lyrics by Michael Whitton (written,
arranged, recorded, edited, mixed, mastered,
and performed—all instruments and vocals).

BG VOX by Stacey Whitton-Summers.

Recorded in an apartment bedroom with (3)
Shure SM57 microphones and a Yamaha
MT120 analogue 4-track cassette recorder.

01. Fields Of My Heart
walking in the fields of my heart - i look around - i see your eyes at play in the fields of my heart - i do believe - whatever it does i can’t deny - you’re leaving me with a good feeling inside - dancing in the fields of my heart - holding you close - i feel our souls - they touch in the fields of my heart - chorus - is this love (2) - chorus

02. Gold & Silver
gold and silver oceans don’t care about me - gold and silver powers don’t know what i need - downtown men - live with this: i don’t owe you god-damn fish - do or die - what is this - downtown men - god-damn fish - gold and silver oceans don’t know what i like - gold and silver powers don’t care if i’m right - chorus

03. California Thinkin’
i hear the ocean is the place to be when you need to think things through - that’s why today i’m on my way to california - i’ll be back sometime next summer - maybe with a different point of view, but - never will i change my love for you (3) - i hear the sunshine has an effect on the way a person feels - that’s why i’m on my way to california - i’ll be back sometime next summer maybe with a different attitude, but - chorus - california thinkin’ - never will i change my love for you

04. Circled
i can remember, yet i don’t understand the high price you must pay for your circle - i’ve been circled - circled - i was giving it all before - now it’s taking all of me and choosing sides - let the games begin - chorus - i can remember like it was yesterday - lah-las... - i consider this freedom, yet everyday i can’t help but get away from this pain i’m feeling - chorus - chorus

05. EYR
when it’s raining it’s not rain to me - it’s pouring down daffodils - underneath a sky - lined with silver and gold - i hold a thought close to my heart and she close to me - tell me what’s on your mind - here i am she says and there you are - where do you think i would rather be - it’s so difficult to say good-bye when you know it’s gonna be forever - therefore when you see it in my eyes would you do it for me - someday under a rainbow - a drip-drop down of burgundy - underneath a sky - as i finger paint you on the wall i know it’s not the art of living - it’s the look of time when i stare into your eyes - with a monstrous sweet little voice i scream - again and again and again - chorus

06. New
oh my love - i made it out alive - i never thought i’d see the day with my own two eyes - oh the things i see - where am i - the other side - i never thought i’d feel this way - unafraid of the light - staring at the sun - you and i are one - oh my love - it’s gonna be all right - you’re never gonna have to hear me say goodbye - goodbye - oh the dreams i have - you and i - there’s no where else i would rather be than right here by your side - chorus - new streets - new trees - ideas - memories - new everything - i have changed - i am changing - i will change - chorus

07. Take Me
even to a young child of what little still remains - it seemed so long ago - since the last time - once upon a lie - tell me was it worth waiting for - a toast to your return - are you happy - how does it feel to be back in a place that anticipates your love - come and take me for a little while - even if it’s only for the moment - show me the places that you know - but take me please - take me with you when you go - deep are the mountains of ocean sky - much to say - step inside - as the water drips it hollows out the stone - nothing destroys us but time - be that as it may - how long will you stay - dim the lights - rest your head against my lonely heart - only with you do i pray the moment never ever slips away - chorus

08. Counting Backwards (Demo)
floating in a world of pure fear and dangerous freedom - counting backwards - let the excitement enter you - on an erotic yet romantic wooden horse i was screaming profanity at the elephants on parade - be as dangerous as you want as - dangerous as you want as - dangerous as you want as - dangerous as you want - if it’s way out of reach - don’t hesitate - i’ll meet you halfway there - from where i stand there’s so much to be proud of - counting backwards - with a fist as my open hand - people i meet - faces i know - up to bat first day - swing high - keep low - chorus...
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