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A Raisin Between My Toes

8 Rays And An Old Romance
I Said I Love You In '96
At Gunpoint*
Coming In Dead*

Music and lyrics by Michael Whitton.

In Development
01. Dark Empty
be what i read and see - forced to be - can’t live up to it - can’t - never will - not me - it’s not me - as is - when it's real i’m no longer entertained - folding chairs aligned - spotlight - dark empty - it’s amazing how much time is wasted on pretending - lights on lights off (3) - two part choices: don’t want and want - control of the rest - none - that’s life - three parts give and forget - i like that - makes me think about how i’m gonna earn my wings - fill it up with light or bring it in dark empty - a letter became this song when us became just me - chorus - on white red drops disappear in swirls - i think i’m dying - help me - crying - oh - i stayed up all last night thinking about dark empty - it’s amazing how much i pace up and down - back and forth - chorus

02. Say You Do
i never had much confidence - it just looks like i do - when knees touch accidentally four legs merge into one - a part of me gets fascinated by spying on the unknown - i don’t think you know me - i don’t really know me - i don’t think you notice me as much as you say you do - i never had much common sense - opinions based on what i didn’t do - follow instead of lead - at a color’s peak it changes - fifteen hangers and fourteen clothes - what’s missing i wear - chorus - i never had much competence - go to work late and leave early - i’m tired of these baby blues - there’s gotta be more than what’s facing me - it’s making me - chorus

03. Avalanche
cascade of bottles above a mouth - glowing coals topple without a voice - all at once i scream at the top of my lungs - an echo no one hears but me and a canopy of trees - hello - how have you been - better than i deserve - you look a little thin - you know me - busy - digging myself out of what i got myself in - left me standing underneath (2) - avalanche - it plays over in my head again - it’s where i’m at - where is that - without a plan i dream of being nothing less than fire - no greater than a tree: antenna to the universe - come in - where have you been - let me guess - don’t tell me - on a mission to mars - you know me - trying to be somebody i... i already am - left me stranded underneath (2) - avalanche - can’t move - stuck between like a rose in the gutter: ugly innocent - what got in the way left me struggling underneath (2) - avalanche - can’t see - so out of breath (2) - i can’t see - help me - underneath - avalanche

04. My Hair's A Mess
little miss moment comfort me - comfort me - say jump how high - i wake up naked next to you - my hair’s a mess - i overdress to impress you

05. Dead Background
what comes in pieces so easily divides - eight eyes and no face - but in the right place - let’s pull ourselves together and give it one more try - no inspiration needed - no inspiration found - once right through it, twice around - may not be better - a dead background - once right through it, twice around (2) - it’s raining letters - catch a word i can’t define - it rhymes with dish - oh i wish that i could find a better reason than because - why? just because - no information needed - no information found - chorus - colorful gray - upside-down - chorus

06. Just Above Below
i took a ride straight on through to morning - took a ride hoping to ease my emptiness - i wish i was a humming bird so i could float and fly at the same time - suddenly - just above below - took a life - throwing away pennies - keeping dimes - i took a life - it ruined all my happiness - chorus - i wish i was a desert mirage so i could disappear and reappear - chorus - i wish i was a wishing well so i could give her all she needs - chorus

07. Inside Out
i may not go to heaven - i may not go to hell - there may not be much difference - you just can’t tell - i put my trust in something - but what am i to do - when that trust just ain’t enough there’s not much you can do - if you had dreams for sale - which ones could i buy - things aren’t always what they seem - inside out (3) - i’m travelin’ the hard way - life must be easier - i tell myself to hold on tight the road ahead gets bumpier - chorus - repeat verse 1 - chorus

08. Reddish Blue
he writes about where he wants to be - but can’t quite find the words to get there - why - because it’s not on a page that dreams begin - it’s with action - for in the purple scheme of things you have to follow through - good enough (3) - reddish blue - girl writes about being beautiful - why would anyone want to love me - said i wonderful you are to me - don’t let them get to you - you’re always there - always beautiful - for in the purple scheme of things you often look like what you do - chorus - i know no other way to be - don’t abandon me - he writes - how does one learn to live - said my boy live and learn - it’s difficult, i know, but don’t give up - little quits break down your character - for in the purple scheme of things - you are what you do - chorus

09. A Window With A Seat
modest woman bound in a house along the promenade - he left she stayed - holding pictures of them face-to-face - exchanging breath - she streaks a smile on foggy pane - to those who pass outside - she missed him greatly - fond of the way he was - fond of his energy - looking out over the sea - watching ships come and go - from a window with a seat - discreet woman found some envelopes that he left her - poems and cards - two hearts aligned by cupid’s arrow - his and her name - it fit so well - finding seashells in the sand - i better warn you now - with a fountain pen he wrote i am fond of the way you love - fond of the life you lead - chorus - she is reminded of his whisper by the soft wind against her cheek - chorus - letting days come and go from a window with a seat

10. A Show Of Hands
it doesn’t matter to me - wherever you want i’ll go - it doesn’t matter to me - whenever we get there - i’ll just sit back enjoy the ride - so excited - made a t-shirt - so excited - so excited that i brought the sheets - but i forgot my pillow - i believe - a show of hands - after me - when it lands - it doesn’t matter to me - what gets you up i will climb - it doesn’t matter to me - since nobody walks up there - we leave no footprints in the sky - so excited - found some money - so excited - so excited that i bought the drinks - but forgot to eat yeah - i believe - a show of hands - after me - when it lands - (la-lahs) - so excited by the prospects - so excited - so excited that i set the clock - but couldn’t fall asleep yeah - chorus - (la-lahs) - i believe - a show of hands - believe you me - so excited when it does
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