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A Raisin Between My Toes

8 Rays And An Old Romance
I Said I Love You In '96
At Gunpoint*

Coming In Dead*


© 1999 Michael Whitton.  All songs protected
by law from unauthorized use.

Music written, arranged, recorded, edited,
mixed, mastered, and performed—all
instruments and vocals—by Michael Whitton.

01. Coming In Dead (instrumental)

02. Dream
come with me she says to my world - take my hand - climb aboard - my words - my voice - my people - you don’t have to be afraid (2) - i will help you dream - trust in me she says - make a choice - take a chance - death is sleeping wide-awake - chorus (2)

03. One More Chance
i’ve gotta woman - she loves me so - makes me feel like i'm the only guy she knows - but lately i've been neglecting her and now she wants to leave - gimme one more chance to prove i care - one more chance - this time i swear - one more chance - i will be there - one more chance - c'mon - look at me - eye to eye - i’m saying what i mean and mean it when i say i apologize - okay - forgive me - this time i swear i will be there - chorus

04. Great Company
morning opens - hello sunshine - you’re here today - same place - same time - you know the rules - just skip the facts - c’mon in - sit down - relax - one thing i need... it’s always good to be in great company - let’s talk o’ yesterdays gone by - it hurts to laugh - it helps to cry - today - a month - this week - all year - blue skies above - a love so clear - chorus - morning closes - goodbye sunshine - come back again - back anytime - i’ll miss you much - i’ll wait right here - til you return - so long my dear - chorus

05. Holding Back
holding back - out of in control - drivin’ past her got me thinkin’ - i’ve never wanted anyone like this - do you feel the way i do - gotta birdie feeling deep inside - hopin’ you feel the same way too - holding back - to the edge - never over - step back a cigarette - have you heard the news - chorus - holding back - out of in control - drivin’ past her got me thinkin’ - chorus - holding back how i feel about you

06. Everytime
everytime i think nothing will happen - something always does - like when my baby and i split apart and say we’ll never get back together - somehow - shi-dah... we do (4) - every time - thank you - everytime i feel a change coming i close my eyes, visualize and pray to god that we make it through okay - behold - chorus - everytime i imagine a place where we can go and be without fear, hesitation or question - i run and hide - you seek - we find each other there - every time - thank you - it all seems to me to be so real...

07. Face Down
first a ceiling then a sky - i woke up confused - went through all the options of what i can and can not do - rediscovered who i am before the who am i - now i’m feeling california as i slowly hide while i die here face down - as i slowly cry while i lie here face down - sour colors - illusory visions - psychedelic dreams - if hell is being stuck in the middle i’m right there in between - thumbs out - hood up - somebody please help me - cuz i’m seeing fame and fortune - chorus - repeat verse 1 - chorus

08. Say It Over
have you ever been there before - feeling as if life is way out of your control - it’s kinda like a stone: it’s all where you roll - say it over - have you ever been alone - have you ever been there before - feeling as if time keeps draggin’ you along - it’s kinda like a birth: breathing for the first time - say it over - have you ever wanted to cry - have you (2) - have you ever been there before - feeling as if love comes crashin’ down on you - it’s kinda like a jump: so great until it ends - say it over have you ever fallen in love - say it over (2) - have you ever been there before - say it over and over again and again - say it over

09. Chasing The Moon
in contrast to the white light, the devil has painted black on the back of my naked soul - now i find myself (3) on my own - chasing the moon (3) - in my silence are my screams - lift up over sounding - in my thoughts are all my dreams - i seldom hear a word - now i find myself (3) all alone - chorus - i find myself (3) on my own - chorus
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