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A Raisin Between My Toes

8 Rays And An Old Romance
I Said I Love You In '96
At Gunpoint*
Coming In Dead*

© 2001 Michael Whitton.  All songs protected
by law from unauthorized use.

Music and lyrics by Michael Whitton (written,
arranged, recorded, edited, mixed, mastered,
and performed—all instruments and vocals).

BG VOX by Stacey Whitton-Summers.

Recorded in an apartment bedroom with (3)
Shure SM57 microphones and a Yamaha
MT120 analogue 4-track cassette recorder.

01. Warm Bourbon
oh the way in which she’d hold me - was velvet on my feelings - but to see her hold somebody else the way in which she would hold me - y’know... - touch the way in which she does - wears away at my feelings - oh the way in which she’d kiss me - warm bourbon on my feelings - but to see her lips pressed up against another’s - the way in which she'd kiss me - y’know... - tongue the way in which she does - weighs heavy on my feelings - (break) - oh the way in which she’d stare at me - makes me nervous - makes me helpless - but to see her look at him - the way in which she used to look at me - y’know... - miss the way in which she does - wreaks havoc on my feelings

02. Fade Out
fade out - about a year ago today - love slammed an already broken door - the echo sustains - it wasn't my day - it wasn't my fault - it wasn't my day - fade out - one thousand miles away from every thing and every one that ever made me stay - chorus - stop following me - chorus - it wasn't my fault - head back

03. Move
passing - failing - we’re all birds studying to be angels - bookworm stuck like a feather on cardboard wings - i am tired of just getting by - to the sky - on my way - there are no rules - no one can make me stay - it’s all right - it’s okay - slowly move closer to far away - flying - sailing - my favorite color is aqua blue - but that doesn’t mean anything to a bird like you - c'mon stick out the tongue - show me jesus - chorus - i’m on my way - for the world is hollow and i can touch the sky - working - playing - what’s the difference between the two - attitude - not so much as what you say but what you do and how you do it - chorus

04. Worth
more than your own precious life? less sun sign more moon? more than all the gold combined? how much am i worth to you? more than your own happiness? more antique than new? more than san francisco? how much am i worth to you? - aye-yahh... more than forty-seven days? more ballet than shoe? more than that which sparkles? how much am i worth to you? more than a one-night stand? more orange than blue? more than pablo picasso? how much am i worth to you? - aye-yahh...

05. Glimpse
busy boy with busy hands - building castles out of sand - i see myself in you - toe head - doe eyes - bare feet - rush - now and then - i get a glimpse of my inner child - running down hills - not because i have to - because i want to - getting my thrills - not because i have to - because i need to - boy have you done your share - a voice calls down from upstairs - not yet he says - in a minute - i have better things to do - rush - now and then - i get a glimpse of the better life - chorus - growing up is not the goal - busy boy with busy hands - working hard in sandbox land - i look up to you - how you do what you believe and believe in what you do - rush - now and then - i get a glimpse of being king - chorus

06. The Way You Say My Name
one more time - just say it one more time - why - it makes me feel so alive - i feel so alive - i feel so alive - there's something in the way you say my name (2) - that makes me feel good - that makes me feel light - that makes me feel good - so right - so light - sounds so sweet - little voice sounds so sweet - the wake me up alarm when i fall asleep - tonight - tonight i am gonna wait up for you - chorus - (yeah-yeahs) - chorus - i feel so alive - i feel so high

07. Fallen
from the beginning i didn't want to go - tempted - all i had to say was no - but i didn't - i went with it and let it drag me down - i am i am (3) - fallen - carry me back - fallen - hands - look at my hands and knees - picking out the pebbles - deep are the holes they leave - deep - it's got me reaching out for something to grab - something to pull me up - use what i can - chorus - i am learning - skinny - human - i admit what i did was wrong - the devil outside said is your will strong enough to fight the consequences of thy behavior - dizzy my spirit - spin around - chorus - what have i done

08. 47
what is that sound - heavy raindrops - pounding down on wet cement - are you scared - no she said - just involved like footsteps - following other footsteps - splash - i love it - i need it - i want it more than usual - 47 - outside - what is that noise - pretty voices - calling out inside your head - are you there - yes she said - come on over - read to me - the words don’t mean a thing - whenever i say them out loud - chorus - what is that sound - a friendly breeze - blowing through the apple trees - appola hair - oh she said i knew you cared - like a sunflower - head raised - arms out wide - chorus

09. Relax
at ten my dad said life's up to you - don't let me down - for what you do will create your past - any questions - now go - get ready to show the world - where do i stand - where do i go - how do i face it - when will i know - relax - relax - in the corner - up against the wall - my best friend said prepare for the unexpected - don't wait to have fun - for life like art is an illusion - break all the rules - now go - run - no looking back - chorus - find another way out - a maze of problems - let go and let god - memorize it - let go and let god - memorize it - relax - chorus

10. Glitter
do you think i’m beautiful - do you like what you see - do i glitter - cuz i consider myself to be a red diamond - i mean wouldn’t you say we all want to be worth something in the eyes of those we find most valuable ourselves - chorus - sad lucy wears nine of me - repeat verse 1 - chorus - lah lu-lu-lu lah...
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