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A Raisin Between My Toes

8 Rays And An Old Romance
I Said I Love You In '96
At Gunpoint*
Coming In Dead*
IN '96

© 2006 Michael Whitton.  All songs protected
by law from unauthorized use.

Music and lyrics by Michael Whitton.

Recorded live at The Equator, Pasadena, CA.
01. Warm Bourbon (Live)
oh the way in which she’d hold me - was velvet on my feelings - but to see her hold somebody else the way in which she would hold me - y’know... - touch the way in which she does - wears away at my feelings - oh the way in which she’d kiss me - warm bourbon on my feelings - but to see her lips pressed up against another’s - the way in which she'd kiss me - y’know... - tongue the way in which she does - weighs heavy on my feelings - (break) - oh the way in which she’d stare at me - makes me nervous - makes me helpless - but to see her look at him - the way in which she used to look at me - y’know... - miss the way in which she does - wreaks havoc on my feelings

02. Another One Of Those Days (Live)
i recognize the stranger in my life - to accept what is from what was is hard - i recognize the lonely in my heart - but only when i go there - which isn’t much she says - don’t be angry with me - it’s who i am - and love be damned a shape of bitterness suddenly forms her face - where did i go wrong - shay - as she dances away from the lamp - it looks like it’s gonna be another one of those days - another one of those days - i recognize the patterns in my life - to change them is to change me - i recognize the woman in my bed - kinda looks like the one in the picture - hung inside my head - she says you never tell me how you feel - how am i supposed to know guess - ah he smiled - that means he loves me - do you love me - chorus - when i miss myself have i become a ghost - haunting - can’t sleep - make it go away - please - go away - chorus - another one of those days

03. Chasing The Moon (Live)
in contrast to the white light, the devil has painted black on the back of my naked soul - now i find myself (3) on my own - chasing the moon (3) - in my silence are my screams - lift up over sounding - in my thoughts are all my dreams - i seldom hear a word - now i find myself (3) all alone - chorus - i find myself (3) on my own - chorus

04. Circled (Live)
i can remember, yet i don’t understand the high price you must pay for your circle - i’ve been circled - circled - i was giving it all before - now it’s taking all of me and choosing sides - let the games begin - chorus - i can remember like it was yesterday - lah-las... - i consider this freedom, yet everyday i can’t help but get away from this pain i’m feeling - chorus - chorus

05. Counting Backwards (Live)
floating in a world of pure fear and dangerous freedom - counting backwards - let the excitement enter you - on an erotic yet romantic wooden horse - i was screaming profanity at the elephants on parade - be as dangerous as you want (4) - if it’s way out of reach don’t hesitate - i’ll meet you halfway there - from where i stand there’s so much to be proud of - counting backwards - with a fist as my open hand - people i meet - faces i know - up to bat - first day - swing high - keep low - chorus (2)

06. Everytime (Live)
everytime i think nothing will happen - something always does - like when my baby and i split apart and say we’ll never get back together - somehow - shi-dah... we do (4) - every time - thank you - everytime i feel a change coming i close my eyes, visualize and pray to god that we make it through okay - behold - chorus - everytime i imagine a place where we can go and be without fear, hesitation or question - i run and hide - you seek - we find each other there - every time - thank you - it all seems to me to be so real...

07. Fade Out (Live)
fade out - about a year ago today - love slammed an already broken door - the echo sustains - it wasn't my day - it wasn't my fault - it wasn't my day - fade out - one thousand miles away from every thing and every one that ever made me stay - chorus - stop following me - chorus - it wasn't my fault - head back

08. Fallen (Live)
from the beginning i didn't want to go - tempted - all i had to say was no - but i didn't - i went with it and let it drag me down - i am i am (3) - fallen - carry me back - fallen - hands - look at my hands and knees - picking out the pebbles - deep are the holes they leave - deep - it's got me reaching out for something to grab - something to pull me up - use what i can - chorus - i am learning - skinny - human - i admit what i did was wrong - the devil outside said is your will strong enough to fight the consequences of thy behavior - dizzy my spirit - spin around - chorus - what have i done

09. Glitter (Live)
do you think i’m beautiful - do you like what you see - do i glitter - cuz i consider myself to be a red diamond - i mean wouldn’t you say we all want to be worth something in the eyes of those we find most valuable ourselves - chorus - sad lucy wears nine of me - repeat verse 1 - chorus - lah lu-lu-lu lah...

10. Sirens (Live)
sirens - yesterday - i couldn’t do anything but sit back and stare out my window

11. The Way You Say My Name (Live)
one more time - just say it one more time - why - it makes me feel so alive - i feel so alive - i feel so alive - there's something in the way you say my name (2) - that makes me feel good - that makes me feel light - that makes me feel good - so right - so light - sounds so sweet - little voice sounds so sweet - the wake me up alarm when i fall asleep - tonight - tonight i am gonna wait up for you - chorus - (yeah-yeahs) - chorus - i feel so alive - i feel so high

12. Too Much (Live)
running in circles - forever is round - stop when you’re ready - no sign of slowing down - you look so pretty - everlasting - evermore - what’s supposed to be, will - me adore - i have too much - i worry too much - i like you this much - following verses - are these your words - they take me to a different place - outer space - on saturns’ rings i roller skate around - non stop - don’t stop - serenade me again - me adore - i have too much - chorus - but i’m afraid that if i say too much too soon you’ll go - don’t go - chorus (2) - but i’m afraid that if i say - too much too soon you’ll go - don’t go - running in circles - forever is round

13. 47 (Live)
what is that sound - heavy raindrops - pounding down on wet cement - are you scared - no she said - just involved like footsteps - following other footsteps - splash - i love it - i need it - i want it more than usual - 47 - outside - what is that noise - pretty voices - calling out inside your head - are you there - yes she said - come on over - read to me - the words don’t mean a thing - whenever i say them out loud - chorus - what is that sound - a friendly breeze - blowing through the apple trees - appola hair - oh she said i knew you cared - like a sunflower - head raised - arms out wide - chorus

14. Worth (Live)
more than your own precious life? less sun sign more moon? more than all the gold combined? how much am i worth to you? more than your own happiness? more antique than new? more than san francisco? how much am i worth to you? - aye-yahh... more than forty-seven days? more ballet than shoe? more than that which sparkles? how much am i worth to you? more than a one-night stand? more orange than blue? more than pablo picasso? how much am i worth to you? - aye-yahh...
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