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A Raisin Between My Toes

8 Rays And An Old Romance
I Said I Love You In '96
At Gunpoint*
Coming In Dead*

© 2005 Michael Whitton.  All songs protected
by law from unauthorized use.

Music and lyrics by Michael Whitton (written,
arranged, recorded, edited, mixed, mastered,
and performed—all instruments and vocals).

BG VOX on track 4 chorus by Jonny Whitton.
01. Empathy
jump in - wear my skin - suffer with me - step up - rise to below the underneath - don’t walk away from me - show me grace - show me some - choose me - empathy - empathy - my darkness is mine - my - pleasure’s yours - get ready to freeze, dinosaurs - chorus - one is everything and everything is one - please - chorus

02. The Mad Twitch
get out of my light - get out of the way - go - last time - don’t make me mad - go inside and play - you’re like this twitch in my eye that won’t go (3) away - no makes her cry - makes my head ache - but only when it rains do i complain, which isn’t often - chorus - can’t live my life this way - just make up your mind - pretending to be happy - turns my hair a cloudy gray - don’t have all day - chorus

03. The Raisin Song
i wait for you to leave so i can be myself and pick up where i left off - on top - a cup is missing from the shelf again - keep wondering how emptiness knows - i’ve been at it now... for so long i don’t know if i can stop - quick to fight - she hates to be around me when i don’t eat or sleep all week - a deep ritual of light at night - pretend it isn’t there - hide the eyes - a raisin between my toes - chorus - can’t stop - every saturday is magic - unlike unsafe sundays - too difficult so i hate - have nothing exciting to say - that’s okay - anyway - chorus

04. Fingers In The Door
i had a crush on a lady who looked a lot like marilyn monroe - but when my older sister decided to impersonate her it crushed my love - in the moment - like fingers in the door - what breaks out comes back a little bit deformed - i wish i could throw a baseball as fast as i can change my mind - then i’d know what i should do - because right now i’m stuck - if you noticed - chorus - and what is a little bit deformed is crushed - in the moment - chorus

05. Another One Of Those Days
i recognize the stranger in my life - to accept what is from what was is hard - i recognize the lonely in my heart - but only when i go there - which isn’t much she says - don’t be angry with me - it’s who i am - and love be damned a shape of bitterness suddenly forms her face - where did i go wrong - shay - as she dances away from the lamp - it looks like it’s gonna be another one of those days - another one of those days - i recognize the patterns in my life - to change them is to change me - i recognize the woman in my bed - kinda looks like the one in the picture - hung inside my head - she says you never tell me how you feel - how am i supposed to know guess - ah he smiled - that means he loves me - do you love me - chorus - when i miss myself have i become a ghost - haunting - can’t sleep - make it go away - please - go away - chorus - another one of those days

06. Clam And The Pink 26
lays in bed alone - wishing for love to keep her close - keep her grounded - the knocking pounds and pounds - a crow needs a crow - rain is the reason she let him in (3) - now she can’t get out... - around in a daze, waiting for him to bring her joy - bring her daffodils - the ringing - where dust settles fear seems to grow - chorus (2)

07. Subfectious
use my words - use me - i don’t exist - i am - like change - coming in unannounced - to be dead is to know - and to know is to ride the straight line from a to c - curls again (3) - my talk is hollow - i will admit - i have no idea but ideas - chorus - b is the echo - when it stops i start - chorus

08. Counting Backwards
floating in a world of pure fear and dangerous freedom - counting backwards - let the excitement enter you - on an erotic yet romantic wooden horse - i was screaming profanity at the elephants on parade - be as dangerous as you want (4) - if it’s way out of reach don’t hesitate - i’ll meet you halfway there - from where i stand there’s so much to be proud of - counting backwards - with a fist as my open hand - people i meet - faces i know - up to bat - first day - swing high - keep low - chorus (2)
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